GSM alarm system set

Wireless Alarm System with Motion Detection & GSM SMS Notification x 8units

Detect movement with motion sensors, gas leakage, glass break and more wireless. Warn you immediately of intruders, when you are at home or away with an built-in siren and/or via SMS and auto call three set numbers when needed

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Add motion detection, gas leakage, break glass and other sensors wireless using standard batteries. Add two additional wired sensors to the alarm system. The operator can trigger the alarm relay output port via SMS. The relay can be used to switch on an additional wired siren or electrical appliance.

The system Warns you immediately of intruders with a SMS, including the zone description.

This is a unique new 2017 design with Code Recognition encryption and very stable GSM notification options.

The 96 wireless and 2 wired zones are numbered to indicate to the operator which zone was triggered.

The built-in Back-up battery will allow for 8 hours stand by. It will notify the operator of any power failures.

There can be three(3) Cell Phone numbers to receive the SMS. Five(5) numbers to receive a phone call from the DIY alarm system when triggered.

The two(2) remotes included, both allow for ARM/DISARM/STAY and PANIC functions.

Included in the set, is the Indoor PIR to monitor indoor movement using Infra Red.

The door sensor in the set will be installed on a door or window, to alert opening.

The siren work on 110db, which is the standard output of our sirens.

The power supply included will connect the panel to grid power. If the power fail, the system will notify the operator.

There are many other sensors that can be added wireless to this GSM alarm panel.

Additional sensors include fire protection sensors. Water leakage, temperature, gas, vibration, outdoor PIR, outdoor microwave, outdoor beams and many other options can be monitored.

Excellent alarm system with digital display and easy to operate. Do it yourself.


Standard Package includes:

1 x WASMS-A GSM SMS Alarm system unit with 1 x PIR, 1 x Door sensor, 2 x remotes, 1 x built-in Siren,1 x power supply.

ICASA Approved!


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